You can breed to a great stallion, but a breeder is only as good as her mares! The girls. They are my favorites, different every day, full of personality, often with opinion always sweet. Meet the girls...
            " going out to lunch with a friend!"

Four L Black Magic, one of my beloved broodmares, nurses her black colt, Blue and White Correll plus his friend Blue and White Broadway.
Exeters Elayna
              Exeters Elayna 
   Benn Moro's Obadiah x NLF Mariah Ann 
           Meriden's Glory 1998
        Caduceus Jesse x Meridens Mariah
      Blue and White Elite 2004
     Homeward Middlebury x NLF Mariah Ann
         NLF Mariah Ann 1988 
    ALF Bold Regime x Madcap Myriah Ann 
The Mares
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                    click here for pedigree